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By Mary Anne Atwood

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Mary Anne wrote A Suggestive Inquiry into the airtight secret. . . at her father’s request, and in parallel together with his personal composition of a long poem at the similar topic. Thomas South (her father) paid for the e-book to be released anonymously in 1850, yet with no need learn it, trusting his daughter’s judgement. studying it after booklet, he believed Mary Anne had published many airtight secrets and techniques that have been larger left unpublished, and consequently got up the remainder inventory and, together with his daughter, burnt them, in addition to the incomplete manuscript of his poem. just a couple of copies of the publication survived. Ms Atwood released not anything after A Suggestive Inquiry. . . .

Walter Leslie Wilmshurst, in his 1918 advent to the reissue, laments that the innovations of her later years didn't locate fruition in one other paintings. He claims, notwithstanding, that there's a lot to be present in her papers, of which he used to be then in possession.

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Public curiosity was stimulated to the highest pitch; experiments were made reckless of consequences, and the spirit of avarice, bursting forth expectant, absolutely raged. Whether the incaution of adepts, in making their art too publicly profitable, had given rise to the frenzy, or whether it was spontaneously kindled, or from whatever cause, the fact is lamentably certain; the Stone was no longer sought after by philosophers alone; not only have we Lully, Cremer, Rupicessa, De Meun, Flamel, John Pontanus, Basil Valentine, Ripley, and the host of cotemporary worthies, successively entering the lists; but with these a spurious brood of idlers living on the public credulity, and which the practical evidence of these others continued to ferment; men of all ranks, persuasions and degrees of intelligence, of every variety of calling, motive and imagination, were, as monomaniacs, searching after the stone.

His metaphysics indeed, which are the natural touchstone of his whole system, differ in no one fundamental aspect or particular that is essential from those of Anaxagoras, Plato and Heraclitus. Certain epistles to Alexander the Great on the Philosophers’ stone, attributed to Aristotle, are preserved in the fifth volume of the Theatrum Chemicum; and the Secreta Secretorum is generally acknowledged to be authentic. In the book of Meteors also a clearer intelligence of intrinsic causes is evinced than may be apparent to the common eye (22).

Indeed, O son of Dionysius and Doris, this your inquiry concerning the cause of all beautiful things is endued with a certain quality, or rather it is a parturition respecting this ingenerated in the soul, from which he who is not liberated will never in reality acquire truth" (23). Wisdom must be sought for her own sake, neither for gold or silver or any intermediate benefit, lest these all should be denied together without the discovery of their source. There is a treatise on the philosophers’ stone in the fifth volume of the Theatrum Chemicum attributed to Plato, but the authenticity is doubtful; and since the principal Greek records of the art were afterwards destroyed with the remnant of Egyptian literature at Alexandria, we are not desirous to enroll either of these names without more extant evidence to prove their claim to the title of Hermetic philosophers.

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