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By Ronald A. Reis

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This publication tells of the contribution of African americans to the reason for the Union within the American Civil battle. before everything refrained from, loose blacks and ex-slaves ultimately donned uniforms and fought in additional than four hundred battles. regardless of blatant prejudice and discrimination, they proved their valour and contributed highly to the good fortune of the Union.

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Recruiting the Officers ­ frican-­American soldiers were trying to prove their courage A at every turn, but were they being held to an unfair, higher standard? ” To minimize any such defeat, it was decided early on that United States Colored Troop regiments would be officered by white men only. ­ African-­American soldiers would be recruited, trained, and led into battle not by men of their own color, but by whites. Officer commissions would be reserved for white men of distinction and proven leadership qualities.

When Fremont refused to stick to Lincoln’s request, the president had him removed from command. On September 11, Lincoln then changed the proclamation himself. Many blacks were angered and saddened by the president’s action in weakening Fremont’s declaration. “The president is not now, and never was, either an abolitionist, or an ­anti-­slavery man,” said the Rev. P. Campbell of Trenton, New Jersey, as quoted by James McPherson. ” Still, there were those who, in spite of Lincoln’s action, were prepared to take a more optimistic view, and to see black 41 42 african americans and the civil war Harriet Tubman was a runaway slave who repeatedly returned to the South to help guide others out of bondage.

25 million. : Total: 94,000 164,000 258,000 In addition to the dead and wounded from battle and disease listed above, the Union listed: Deaths in Prison: Drowning: Accidental deaths: Murdered: Suicides: Sunstroke: Military executions: Unclassified: 24,866 4,944 4,144 520 391 313 267 14,155 Source: Burke Davis, The Civil War, Strange and Fascinating Facts. New York: Barnes and Noble Books, 2005. 55 56 african americans and the civil war months of 1863. It was realized then that a black man could take a bullet as easily as a white man.

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