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By Wade Hudson

ISBN-10: 0940975734

ISBN-13: 9780940975736

ISBN-10: 1590191595

ISBN-13: 9781590191590

An individual is sending Anthony pricey presents. while Anthony figures out who it's, he discovers that his complete global is set to alter. this can be the 3rd ebook of NEATE, a favored center reader sequence that includes five African-American pre-teens.

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He leaped up from the bed and walked up her. The look on his face demanded an answer. Ms. Young had never seen her son so angry before. She reached out to him but he pulled away. “I thought I could trust you, Mom! ” Anthony rushed out of the room, down the stairs, and went directly to the telephone. “Tayesha, I gotta talk. I got a big problem. ” Anthony rushed every — 48 — Anthony’s Big Surprise word. Tayesha could tell something was wrong. “I’ll meet you on the porch,” she told him. Just as Anthony hung up the receiver, the doorbell rang.

He adjusted the microphone and cleared his throat. ” The noise continued. ” “He’s going to have to do better than that,” joked Eddie. Some of the teachers walked among the students, urging them to be quiet. “I am not going to ask you anymore. ” Finally the noise subsided. “Students, I am quite concerned about what has been going on here at the school during the — 32 — Anthony’s Big Surprise last few days. We will not have students fighting students! ” “This guy is a joke,” a student seated in front of NEATE said.

Howard told her. Naimah walked to the front of the class. This was normally the teacher’s domain. “I called this meeting because I am concerned about what’s happening here at DuSable, and I think we need to find a solution,” Naimah told the students. “I agree,” offered Sarah. — 37 — Anthony’s Big Surprise “We can’t let students like Randy and Josh take over the school. ” Henrietta Davis asked. “The same way Randy and Josh do it. We talk to students individually, in groups, any way we can. ” another student wanted to know.

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